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There are many language games in the world which are based on composing the words in some sort of a grid: for instance various types of cross-word puzzles. The most famous game which has lived to see its main expansion in recent years is scrabble which was devised (as David Crystal states in his Language Encyclopaedia) by an ingenious American, Alfred Butts, in the 1920's. This now most popular of all language games has originally been devised for English, which is, by its very nature, very appropriate for this kind of games, but the scrabble can be played with the other languages as well, and Czech is no exception here. Below is an example of a Czech scrabble configuration:

     p     l   ž
chlapec    e   l
     ř  praskati
    vinný  t
     n  rok l
     a    upír

How would you proceed if you have the following letters at your disposal:

ď, ý, e, m, h ?

Renata Blatná, Vladimír Petkevič, ©2001

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