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People in the whole world like to play with language and this is the case especially in those societies which devote much care to language and show a lot of interest in it. Language has many functions: in addition to the basic one -- as a means of communication -- language can also be a source of joy. And this joyful aspect of language manifests itself also in Czech: as in every language one can encounter lots of cross-word puzzles, language quizes, conundrums, riddles and language games in Czech. What is very interesting about various funny language phenomena is their language-specific character, for only in a very few cases can language games be transferred from one language to another. Thus, there is a great variety of language games in the languages of the world and Czech is by no means an exception in this respect. Let us show several interesting types of ludicrous language and word games and phenomena in Czech.

Renata Blatná, Vladimír Petkevič, ©2001

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